I am Uday, working as a java developer since 2010. Am passionate about programming in java. I would like to share my knowledge in java with the world and also learn through it.

I would be writing about various topics in java and its related technologies. But I don’t want to restrict the site to java alone. So there may be posts in other topics that are of technical in nature.

If you like my posts please share it with your friends. If you find any error in any of the posts, do post it in comments section, I am more than happy to rectify it.

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Come, let us learn together.

  1. Thank you so much Uday, I love learning java with books and I am here to say that your blog page about best books to learn java related new skills are great and very helpful. Glad if you can post more about recommended books with the brief insights of the books.

  2. Hi Uday,
    thanks for nice topics. i have 11 months exp as java developer i hope ur suggested questions will help me,let me know what all they may ask programs too,i will share my interview exp here

  3. Congratulations uday..It’s good that u share ur knowledge with the world. Many people would not do that . there are the topics like synchronization , serialization and threads . As far as I know , people are lagging in these areas including me . So it would be helpful to others as well. And again saying it congrats and thanks .

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